Hire a Licensed Hauler

Many people without the time or equipment to get junk from the house to the landfill find that a rubbish hauler can be a real lifesaver. When hiring a junk and rubbish hauler, take the steps necessary to protect yourself, your property and the environment. Here are some issues to consider:

  • Haulers Must Have a Special Business License: Since 2002, the County of Sacramento has required all junk and rubbish haulers to apply and receive a Special Business License (County Code 4.40.025), brought on, in part, because work is performed at the customer's home or office. Only junk and rubbish haulers that pass a criminal background check performed by the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office will receive the Special Business License. Causes for denial of a business license include any felony conviction such as burglary, felony drug abuse, theft, grand theft, felony auto theft and others.
  • Financial Security: As with hiring an unlicensed building contractor, you risk financial security in the event the hauler is injured or damages property while in your employ. Hiring a licensed hauler increases the likelihood he or she carries liability insurance and/or is covered by workers' compensation insurance. 
  • Illegal Dumping Liability: Responsibility for junk and rubbish cleared from your property does not end once the hauler leaves your driveway. If the material is dumped illegally and traced back to your home by County Code Enforcement officers or County Sheriff's deputies, you may be held liable for its removal. Get a receipt and keep it in a safe place. If in doubt, write the hauler's license plate on the receipt. If the quoted price seems too good to be true, you're probably working with an illegal dumper.
  • Check the license: Regardless of whether the hauler advertises in the local newspaper or is recommended by a friend, always check whether the person has a valid special business license, always, ask to see the hauler's drivers license and check against the business name.
  • View Licensed Hauler Directory of all companies that maintain a valid Special Business License with the County of Sacramento. Licenses issued from outside of Sacramento County are not valid for work performed in the county. This listing is offered as a public service and is not intended to warranty or guarantee the work or credibility of the listed hauler. It is the responsibility of the person that contracts with a rubbish hauler to determine if the company is a responsible business and carries the appropriate level of liability and/or workers' compensation insurance to meet your requirements.

If in doubt of a business license, contact the Business License Unit at 916-874-6644.

Note to haulers: To have your email or website address added to the listing, contact the Business License Unit at 916-874-6644.​